About Melatrol

Melatrol is a health-based company with special interest in the manufacture of natural sleeping pills. Our products are scientifically and hygienically produced from the finest extracts of herbs and fruits to give you the best quality of over the counter natural sleep supplements. Melatrol has been researching and producing quality non addictive sleep aid for close to two decades.


We are a scientific company dedicated to melatonin supplements to give you the much-needed night-time sleep for health and vigor. Melatrol is a first pick for over the counter sleep supplement.

Melatrol is herbal based, which means they do not pose the dangers of negative side effects

Melatrol Team

Our team constitutes of dedicated specialist, qualified scientific researchers dedicated to always give you the best end product, marketers, and a friendly team of customer relations officers etc. who are ready to attend to you 24/7 to take your bookings, mail your products or answer to your questions and inquiries.

With Melatrol Melatonin dosage for sleep, you are sure to conquer your bed once you lie down!