Negative consequences of melatonin


Melatonin is a hormone produced by a small gland, called the pineal gland found in the brain of human beings and other animals; it is derived from serotonin. Specialists refer to it is as N-acetyl methoxy tryptamine. Melatonin is also referred to as the sleep hormone, because it is responsible for the body’s sleep circle. It works with the body’s sleep regulatory circle to ensure adequate night-time sleep and wake up time. Melatonin is also found in small quantities in foods, vegetables, fruits and even meat. Deficiency in melatonin will result in sleep disorder which will prompt the use of melatonin supplements as night-time sleep aid. Recently, melatonin supplements have been produced like the Melatrol melatonin 3mg to boost the body’s melatonin for a natural night-time sleep.

Melatonin production

Melatonin production is regulated by the gland which produces it. Specialists warn that for healthy living, one should have a minimum of 6 to 8 hours of night-time sleep; and that anything short of this is hazardous to the proper functioning of the body system. The volume of melatonin produced starts to rise from about mid to late evening and reaches its required amount for a proper rest in the night-time. It maintains the volume to ensure that you get a sufficient dose of sleep and starts to drop in size by the wee hours of the morning ensuring you wake up revitalized. If this does not happen then a natural sleeping pill is suggested, and Melatrol is the most trusted over the counter nigh-time sleep aid.

Side Effects

No negative side effects have been associated with melatonin. The volume of melatonin production starts to reduce with age. It can reach a very alarming low level or its production can stop totally. This can cause serious sleep disorder which can damage the organs of the body and also be a threat to life. Melatonin found in plants and fruits can also be extracted for the production of melatonin or natural sleep supplements like Melatrol night-time sleep aid. Melatrol as a melatonin supplement is a non-addictive sleep aid and free from hazardous side effects. These natural sleeping pills are pure herbal medicines free from any form of side effects. At crucial levels of melatonin deficiency, Melatrol melatonin supplement is recommended to save the situation.


A sleep disorder can be fatal, and inadequate rest can impair your mental, emotional and physical balance, save that situation with Melatrol melatonin supplements. Melatrol is the best over the counter natural supplement for sleep.